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A Purpose Driven Place

Connecting People & Ideas

Overlooking expansive views of the Chesapeake Bay, nestled in woods, horse farms, and calm – is The Place.

Here we seek to provide a refuge and place of simple hospitality for all who come – whether for fun and rest or focused work.  Over the past 17 years, hundreds of guests from 40+ countries have quietly found their way to our Purpose Driven Place. It has become a discreet and neutral platform from which new organizations have been conceived, books and music written, events convened, and milestones celebrated.

“Over the last decade as the CEO of a large, Washington-based organization, I came to rely on The Place as a trusted and neutral venue where my executive team could dream, plan and wrestle with tough challenges.  It’s close to DC, yet far enough out of the city to feel as though we were “someplace else”.  And personally, I’ve participated with other leaders in dozens of gatherings organized by The Place – always leave inspired!”

Don Floyd, Nonprofit Executive

“I first came to The Place as a writer seeking a creative environment to think, work and rest.  I returned to host a gathering of creatives and practitioners.  I’ve found The Place to be a rare space for both rich renewal and energized thinking.  The Guest House – surrounded by water – has a way of facilitating refreshing solitude and strategic conversations like few places on earth.  I highly recommend it!”

Tamara Park, Filmmaker & Author

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